Who We Are

Thunder Quest Records

Was formed in 1995 by music veterans David Pesnell and Liza “Leli” Pesnell and acquired by MAGENTA ROSE GROUP in 2011. Day to Day operations of the record label is handled by David Pesnell and Jeffrey Beals and the company has a full-service staff on hand to offer “support” to it’s various recording artists that the company represents.

Thunder Quest Records is an independent recording label dedicated to producing and distributing the best in “indie” music by today’s up and coming recording artists.

The company has currently on it’s roster recording acts such as “Cutting Edge” “Ashely Skyie”, “Ricky Ric”, “Jimmy Fassler”, "Vicki St. Ives", “William Zimmerman” and “Jeffrey Carolus”


Thunder Quest Records, besides an in-house promotion staff, also employs an outside public relation firm to help promote the recording artists and the product that the record company releases. With every product released by the record label, a one-sheet is sent to over 10,000 print media outlets around the world promoting the artist and his work. These media outlets include newspapers, music magazines, e-zines, blogs, college outlets, etc, to reach the widest audience possible.


Thunder Quest Records has a radio promotional staff that promotes product released from the company to radio stations in the United States and the international market. These radio stations include commercial, college and internet radio stations.

Besides our own staff, the company retains outside promotion firms to help promote a release to college radio and commercial radio stations in the U.S. The company also retains to other companies to promote product in the international market place. This gives the company a double-edge sword to promote our product when it is released and gives our recording acts greater opportunity to succeed.


Thunder Quest Records works with MAGENTA ROSE PUBLISHING in the administration of the music catalog of it’s recording artists. The company relies on the publishing company for material that is needed for various recordings when the artist signed to the record label need material to record. MAGENTA ROSE PUBLISHING also works with the recording artists under THUNDER QUEST RECORDS to do song placement on various songs that have been written by the recording artist.


Thunder Quest Records has a team to handle Social Networking Sites which allow individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. When products or companies join those sites, people can interact with the product or company. That interaction feels personal to users because of their previous experiences with social networking site interactions. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs allow individual followers to “retweet” or “repost” comments made by the product being promoted. By repeating the message, all of the users connections are able to see the message, therefore reaching more people. Social networking sites act as word of mouth.  Because the information about the product is putting out there is getting repeated, more traffic is brought to the product/company. Through social networking sites, products/companies can have conversations and interactions with individual followers. This personal interaction can instill a feeling of loyalty into followers and potential customers. Also, by choosing whom to follow on these sites, products can reach a very narrow target audience. For Thunder Quest Records, Takara Fujita is Director of Internet and Satellite Radio.

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